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San Francisco

Exclusive access to today’s top-performing private equity funds

Our Services

Access to Better Returns

Corinth Capital Partners is an investment management firm offering alternative investment vehicles for today’s dynamic family offices and smaller-sized investors.


As your investment partner, we simplify the process of selecting the best private equity fund managers to align ourselves with and act as stewards of our investors’ capital.



We provide bespoke single investment vehicles to invest with some of the leading US private equity managers at commitment levels typically out of the reach of smaller investors.


About Us

At Corinth, we provide an investment solution that addresses the private equity bucket for families and institutions.  We work with sophisticated, high-net-worth individuals, families, executives, family offices, registered investment advisors, investment banks, advisors, consultants, and custodians.


Our firm offers individual investors access to the private equity market through single-investment vehicles into top-tier private equity funds, making these investments accessible at lower levels. We create one Fund on average every one to two years, and our limited partnerships accept IRA accounts on a limited basis and qualified purchaser accounts. We are committed to expanding access to high-quality private equity investments for individual investors.

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