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Why Choose Corinth Capital?

Investment Thesis:

We operate as a typical Fund of Funds, only we do not invest like one.  We believe single-investment vehicles with one underlying manager offer the potential for the highest returns.


In private equity, manager selection is the key driver of long-term returns.  With so many private equity managers in the market, we simplify the chaos and offer only best-in-class, world-class managers.  By building investments around a single manager, one at a time, we eliminate the blind-pool risk for our clients. 


This allows investors to conduct thorough due diligence on each opportunity.  We do the due diligence in the marketplace, so you don’t have to, with manager selection, strategy timing, etc, narrowing the field down, and reaching a conclusion and thesis for each fund offering. 


Who We Partner with:

At Corinth, we provide an investment solution that addresses the private equity bucket for families and institutions.  We work with sophisticated, high-net-worth individuals, families, executives, family offices, registered investment advisors, investment banks, advisors, consultants, and custodians.


The retail sector of the investment world has limited access to top-tier private equity managers. This space is still opaque to many investors who can invest but who do not have the right tools to invest.  We aim to bridge that gap and serve as a trusted partner along that path.


By aggregating many investors together through our partnerships, we are able to provide them access to world-class fund managers typically only available to institutional investors, at a much lower entry barrier.


General Partners we are currently invested with:


Vista Equity Partners

Meet the Team

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